16.00-16.05 Aydan Oral / Dilşad Sindel
16.05-16.10 Ayşe Karan
16.10-16.15 Kenan Akgün
16.15-16.20 Ender Berker
16.20-16.30 Çubukçu Awards Ender Berker, Resa Aydın, Kenan AKGÜN

Session 1: PM&R medical specialty during COVID-19 pandemics
Chairpersons: Ender Berker

16.30-17.00 Response of TSPM&R to pandemics Demirhan Dıraçoğlu, Lale Altan, İlker Yağcı
17.00-17.20 PRM response in other countries: Italy Francesca Gimigliano (Italy)
17.20-17.30 Discussion (Q&A)

Session 2: The crucial role of rehabilitation in COVID-19 pandemics: Specific rehabilitation interventions for patients with COVID 19
Chairpersons: Vesile Sepici

17.30-17.50 Why rehabilitation is needed for patients with COVID 19? Maria Gabriella Ceravolo (Italy)
17.50-18.10 Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COVID 19 Yeşim Kurtaiş Aytür
18.10-18.30 Post-intensive care unit syndrome in patients with COVID-19 and its rehabilitation Hidayet Sarı
18.30-18.50 Telerehabilitation Nur Kesiktaş, İlknur Aktaş, Başak Bilir Kaya
18.50-19.00 Discussion (Q&A)

Session 3. Research during COVID-19 pandemics
Chairpersons: Şebnem Ataman

19.00-19.15 COVID-19 and PM&R Research Farooq Rathore (Pakistan)
19.15-19.45 Examples of research in PRM
  - Pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with COVID-19 Enes Efe İş
  - Rapid systematic reviews on COVID-19 Alessandro de Sire (Italy)
  - The effects of early rehabilitation for patients with COVID-19 Alessandro de Sire (Italy)
  - COVID-19 and publications: PM&R Journals Deniz Evcik, Birkan Sonel Tur
  - COVID-19 and publications: Others Figen Ayhan, Derya Demirbağ Kabayel
19.45-20.00 Discussion (Q&A) and Closing

*Please note that the timetable is given in Turkish local time (GMT+3).

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